Arash Fakhim - Untitled (Bluedrop)

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Arash Fakhim - Untitled (Bluedrop), 2018

Ceramics, silkscreen prints on mixed media, 265 x 205 x 15 cm

Untitled (Bluedrop) behaves like an open structure, a deliberately unspecified system for the translation of acts into objects and vice versa.
It is a tapestry of haphazard inventions that drapes together to form a remarkably luxurious composition.
An act of heraldry for a digital haze, for a non-hierarchical, drifting existence that fades in and out of tangible and codeable reality. 
On an intersection between physical presences and weightless digital references, Arash has found his playground.
Here, he tries to extend the relationship between his body and the world of objects it inhabits.
He rides the merry-go-round while chugging coke until he pukes, to see what it means. 
By roleplaying, sculpting and screenprinting he tries to develop a meaningful physical and emotional bond with transient objects.
Both potato chips and a marble sculpture by Bernini have an attractive surface and an ideal shape.
Would it be possible to embody this kind of attraction, can we be sexy when acting as an object? 

Price Range: € 3.000 - € 5.000,-   Contact the gallery about this piece.

Arash Fakim