Casper Prager - T72

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Casper Prager - T72, 2015

Chisseled steel, 120 x 40 x 4 cm

This instantly recognizable form act like an icon for the military-industrial complex.
An industry whose imagery is designed to feel as abstract as possible to those who are not directly involved with it.
Casper reveals the inner workings of mass-produced weaponry.
Not the cogs, clanks and wiring that makethem tick, but the thousands of lives that shape them and the thousands more that fear them or command them.
These impressive feats of technical engineering exist by the grace of egregious geopolitical, cultural and economic imbalances.
They are the end game of contemporary capital.
Brilliant minds, wielding centuries of accumulated experience in designing destruction, are working day in day out to trump each other in every imaginable field.
From freely flowing, borderless capital springs forth a perpetual Arms race between nation states clamoring for market dominance.
Using a deceptively straightforward visual language, Casper has tried to display the irony that one of mankind's most tremendous collaborative efforts is the creation of tools that excel in destroying the other.
In dark chiseled steel Haringesque figures push, pull and support each other.
This tumbling whole of anonymous humans clumps together to form the silhouette of branded and commercialized violence.
As a spectator of this pitiful brawl, it is hard to not reflect on the apparent unity of appearance and purpose amongst the participants.
Price Range: € 1.500 - € 2.000,- Contact the gallery about this piece
Casper Prager