Maarten Nico - Ghostlife

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Maarten Nico - Ghost Life2018

Mixed media in a bedframe, 224 x 94 x 40 cm

Two days before the opening Maarten Nico still slept in this piece.
By making the most of Amsterdam's curious standards for working and living he constructed a shrine for kindness in the face of well, everything.
Under the unceasing care of Casper, the friendly ghost, he composed a microcosm of personal anecdotes, jokes and earnest attempts at putting put some love into conceptual practice.
The mattress strapped to the back of the piece feels awkwardly intimate when viewed at the gallery.
Like someone oversharing at a party.
But the piece as a whole asks you to let down your shields and to care.
Artists need a place to sleep too, and the art world mostly offers white walls and slabs of polished concrete.
Price Range: € 3.000 - €5.000,-   Contact the gallery about this piece
Maarten Nico
Ghostlife detail 1  Ghostlife detail 3