Martyn F. Overweel - Ik verving xanders lekkere citroenen door mandarijnen

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Martyn F. Overweel - Ik verving xanders lekkere citroenen door mandarijnen, 2018

Acrylics on canvas, 50 x 60 cm

Perfectly painting the skin of a lemon is hard to do.
Drawing a perfect cartoon is pretty tricky too.
And modernism can be decorative, if you are careless.
Does this work make Martyn a good artist?
Does showing it at the gallery help him go somewhere?
Has all this effort in learning how to paint paid of yet?
When an ironic disposition meets considerable technical skill, all surfaces and suggestions have to be viewed in terms of reputation.
Every single element in this work could be seen as a testament of artistic skill.
The (in)decision to combine them on a single surface diminishes this proof of prowess and turns it into an open question.
Am I good enough yet, and who are in the committee? 
But more imporantly, it makes the viewer take a step back from the rat race and lets them view it from above, for entertainment purposes only. 
Price range: € 1.500 - €2.000,- Contact the gallery about this piece
Martyn F. Overweel