Mihai Cotiga - Untitled #437 - Scream of the Butterfly

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Mihai Cotiga - Untitled #427 (The Scream of the Butterfly), 2018

Acrylics, spraypaint and mixed media on canvas, 185 x 150 cm

In this striking piece, Mihai lets his personal retelling of history meet the spatial awareness of a young architect and the relentless energy of an abstract expressionist.
It was created in a rush, but can be read as an archeological site as much as it can be seen as a dynamic composition.
The canvas acts like flypaper for personal detritis, catching empty tubes of paint just as easily as old sketches and radiant pigments. 
The Scream of the Butterfly is as impatient and unstable as the human ego can be. 
It seems fitting that the title was taken from a song by one of the more complex egos of our time, Jim Morisson. 
The piece currently still smells of a turbulent artistic process and gives the impression that parts might fly off at any given time.
It is the self as the eye of the storm, the impermanent conception of one's own existence as a base for wild, boundless creativity. 
In this theatrical display of texture and colour, Mihai acts with a creative vigour that is honest in its vulnerability.
The mask is made of fragile porcelain and the wig is highly flamable, but the production is absolutely bulletproof. 
And if the curtain does comes down too early, it was still totally worth the effort. 


Price Range: € 3.000 - € 5.000,-  Contact the gallery about this piece

Mihai Cotiga