Arash Fakhim - Untitled from the the Scoop diddy whoop - up jumps the boogie 2 Series

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Arash Fakhim - Untitled from the Scoop diddy whoop - up jumps the boogie 2 Series, 2018
God knows what on wooden panel, 64 x 84 cm

The cropped aftermath of a creative rush haphazardly captured in shiny epoxy.
As if the moment would otherwise slip away in an instant. 
This work by Arash Fakhim is part of a body of work that is in constant flux.
He switches back and forth between the cool detachment of a scribbled vector and the childish openness of a hand-drawn rainbow. 
The only constant being the relation of the movement of his body to the state of his beloved material. 

Currently, there is no other way for him to work.
His materials have started to define him as much as he defines his material.
Together they are like a steady couple living in private coexistence. 
These works are like the polaroids of their honeymoon. 

He is intrigued by a world of man-made things that in turn influence man itself through their functionality and pleasing ergonomics. 
Sliding your fingers into the grooves of a shampoo container is downright sensual when compared to picking up a random branch or rock.
Shaping clay and cutting foam are acts of intimacy in this practice.
Composing a piece suddenly shifts into striking a pose.

Here we see playful exuberance on shameless display.
A flirt with visual trends that functions as the varnish on a very personal and open practice. 
There is no end point, no pleasing confirmation of meaning for this collection of gestures and textures.
In stead of working towards an end, Arash prefers circling the void.

An object doesn't judge but it does guide.
It coerces those who interact with it and it transfers aspects of the ideas behind it's design, or it emphasizes the absence of those ideas.
They don't carry a set interpretation in themselves, but we wouldn't be able to interpret anything without them.
Arash's work is like a love letter to the material world, and he fully expects a willing response in the very near future. 

Price range: €1.100 - 1.500,- Contact the gallery about this piece

Arash Fakhim